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Cool Uses of Mobile Technology in Jordan & Lebanon

The pervasiveness of cell phones in the Global South is an old story that everyone has heard multiple times already. However, it is a nascent technology and its innovative uses and applications are still unfolding in many parts of the world. Here are two recent experiences from my trip to Jordan & Lebanon to add to the “cool uses of mobile technology” theme.

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Internet Connectivity Through Electric Outlet (Amman, Jordan)

On Dec 1, I landed in Amman, Jordan to facilitate the National Institute for Training of Women Trainers in Information and Communication Technology for Social Change, convened by Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) and Sisterhood Is Global Institute-Jordan (SIGI-J).

SIGI-J had booked a room in Hotel Sadeen Amman for the duration of the training. I purchased an internet connectivity card at the hotel and got

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Facebook User Statistics (Nov 2007)

Overall country rank, user numbers, and gender break-down of Facebook users (as of Nov 2007)

42,966,780 total users

15,521,660 (36.12%) male; 18,118,600 (42%) female; 9,326,520 (21.71%) unspecified.


United States


South Africa



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Statistics on the Gender Digital Divide

Gender-disaggregated statistics on information, communication, and technology (ICT) access and penetration:

Gender digital divide is prevalent across countries and continents.

In South Africa, 7% of women have no access to telephone, compared to 5% of men in 2001. The number was 24% for women and 15% for men (1996).
In Ethiopia, only 4.4% of women watch television once a week compared to 7.5% of men,

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GrameenPhone’s Success, Phone Ladies’ Loss

Who has not heard of Grameen phone ladies? In 1997, GrameenPhone (a for-profit affiliate of Grameen Bank) piloted an innovative concept called the Village Phone Program. GrameenPhone would lend money to village women under this program. Women buy a cell phone and airtime from GrameenPhone to become phone ladies. They start a service business renting out their phone and airtime to other villagers. Villagers talk

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Afghanistan Cell Phone Statistics (Aug 2007)

Afghanistan cell phone usage and industry statistics:

Amirzai Sangin, Afghanistan’s Minister for Telecommunications, reported that cell phone service providers are signing up new users at a rapid clip. The country adds about 150,000 new subscribers every month.
Current cell phone calling rate in the country is about US$ 10 cents a minute. Cheapest top-up cards cost about US$ 1.
Of Afghanistan’s total population of 25

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Thailand Lifts YouTube Ban

Breaking news from Bangkok’s The Nation

Ban on YouTube lifted after deal
Website to block clips offensive to Thais or that break Thai law
Published on August 31, 2007

The government yesterday lifted its ban on the YouTube website after the site’s management agreed to block any video clips deemed offensive to Thai people or those that violate Thai law.

Information and Communications Technology Minister

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Games for Health 2007 Competition Winners

Yesterday, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) announced the winners of its 2007 Games for Health competition. $30,000 has been awarded in 3 categories – game prototypes, general storyboard, and student storyboard.

Prototype: Neuromatrix, submitted by Morphonix of Sausalito, Calif. Award: $20,000
A game targeting adolescents, it “takes the players through a series of short movies and games where they participate in a brain exam and

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World Bank’s Learning Network Infrastructure

This month’s issue of Baseline Magazine has an excellent overview of World Bank’s information and communication technology related activities, infrastructure, and budget. (Warning: Don’t blame me if your eyes pop and jaws drop at the numbers mentioned in there.)

The article spans about 12 pages, so for those of you who do not want to read it in its entirety, here is the gist:


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The Web Crashed

For your viewing pleasure, breaking news coverage of the great web crash of 2007. This is from Onion News Network, the video news sister to the satire magazine Onion. Even though this is not real, I am having withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it. Watch it for fun and then go backup your computer.

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

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