Afghanistan Cell Phone Statistics (Aug 2007)

Afghanistan cell phone usage and industry statistics:

  • Amirzai Sangin, Afghanistan’s Minister for Telecommunications, reported that cell phone service providers are signing up new users at a rapid clip. The country adds about 150,000 new subscribers every month.
  • Current cell phone calling rate in the country is about US$ 10 cents a minute. Cheapest top-up cards cost about US$ 1.
  • Of Afghanistan’s total population of 25 million, 12% (3 million) have cell phones.
  • About 50,000 people are employed in Afghanistan’s Telecommunications and IT sector.
  • Etilsat (Emirates Telecommunications) inaugurated its service in Afghanistan on August 28, becoming the country’s fourth cell phone service provider.
  • Etilsat is investing US$ 300 million to setup its infrastructure in the country.
  • Roshan, Afghanistan’s largest cell phone service provider, has 1 million+ subscribers. The company has invested US$ 260 million+ in its infrastructure.
  • Roshan is reported to be the largest taxpayer in Afghanistan, contributing about 6% of the country’s revenue.
  • Full list of Afghanistan’s current cell phone service providers – Afghan Wireless, Etilsat, Roshan.

Note: Looking for the fourth service provider. Is it areeba or Wasal? If you know who the fourth service provider is, please post it as a comment below.


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