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Master Class on Organic Vegetable Gardening

Oct 24, 2015 (Saturday) 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Krishi Janani invites you to the Master Class on Organic Vegetable Gardening. This is part of our Organic Food Systems series. Please share with anyone in Coimbatore, Erode, or Tiruppur districts who may be interested.

Learn how to grow organic vegetables and create a garden on your roof or balcony
Prepare (and take home :)) your

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AIDA Launches with a Celebration and Inspiration for Social Change

On August 15, Appropriate IT Development Academy (AIDA) hosted a special event to celebrate India’s independence day and mark the opening of AIDA’s first training center in Kinathukadavu, near Coimbatore, India.

This event “Celebrating Ourselves, Inspiring Social Change” took place at NGP Engineering College, Coimbatore on Aug 15 from 3 – 5 pm. The ceremony opened with a short presentation on Appropriate IT’s

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Introducing Janani: A Crowdsourcing + Citizen Engagement Platform

Appropriate IT’s Innovation Lab is delighted to announce the release of our first product: Janani, an open source crowdsourcing + citizen engagement platform for social accountability.

Janani is a citizen engagement platform ideal for crowdsourced assessments of publicly funded projects, monitoring of service delivery to citizens, improving accountability in governance, or increasing participation for programs.

Key features of the platform include:

An easy-to-use text messaging

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AI Progress Report: 2014 Quarter 2

April, May, and June were filled with intense activity. But then again, that is not news in a startup’s life, is it? Here is Appropriate IT’s progress report for the second quarter of 2014.


Appropriate IT becomes a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. :-D
Citizen Action Platform launches. :-)
Holding pattern for event to celebrate AIDA’s new center. :-|

Innovation Lab

Janani, our crowdsourcing +

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Appropriate IT Becomes a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)

Big news this week – Appropriate IT Inc, a Delaware incorporated corporation, has converted to a different corporate structure on June 3rd May 29 **. We are now Appropriate IT PBC, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. Yay!

So, what is a PBC? A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) is a new kind of corporate entity, so new that the Delaware Senate Bill #47 that brought PBC

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AI Progress Report: 2014 Quarter 1

The years 2011 – 2013 were our incubation period, a time to test new things and reinvent Appropriate IT (AI) as a company. AI’s Development Academy was pilot tested in 2011 – 2012. AI’s Innovation Lab launched one technology platform and laid the seeds of another in 2013. After these bootstrapping years, Appropriate IT v 2.0 was born in January 2014.**

Here is a

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Mini Announcement: AI Blog Migration

Appropriate IT’s blog has migrated from our own servers to the hosted service at

This is the first, and most probably the simplest, step in our major redesign of the main website at There may be some issues with images displaying properly or broken links. We will be resolving those issues in due course.

Please pardon the inconvenience. :)

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Changes, Changes…

Appropriate IT is in the midst of an exciting transition. Watch out for major announcements by the end of the year. In preparation, our technologies and internal systems are changing as well. The first step in the systems migration is our blog which is moving from our internal server to

All blog posts, images, and other files from the archives are being migrated to

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  • Krishi Janani: Stepping Out Into the Great Unknown

    Krishi Janani: Ag Tech Network

    So…Appropriate IT is working on a new sustainable agriculture technology platform – Krishi Janani. We have been at it for a while now, launching a partially working prototype earlier this year. Before I go into the ‘Great Unknown’ parts of the story, a quick summary:

    Krishi Janani is an ag tech network (online platform + young women-led rural ag tech centers) enabling organic and sustainable

  • Pay It Forward: A Training in Namakkal

    Namakkal Training 6

    A three day technology training in building websites with WordPress at PGP college in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

    By Alexandra de Vogel, Assistant Trainer

    With a background in Industrial design and innovation management, being part of this training was a first experience for me. But now I know that it will definitely not be my last experience in this field. These three days in Namakkal

  • Learning is a Mindset

    AIDA Inauguration 5

    (Guest blog by Heather A. Moore)

    Usha recently invited me to share some words of advice with the inspiring young women that had recently graduated from the pilot program of AIDA, Appropriate IT’s Development Academy, and with those from the community. Having gathered some sage advice from a few wise and generous mentors throughout my career, as well as the hard earned wisdom that comes