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Future of the Internet is Outside the US

As a technology company (though on a different planet than the one occupied by the companies found in this report ;)), we are somewhat religious about Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report. A few thoughts on the 2014 version:

Fastest internet and smartphone growths are in “more difficult to monetize developing markets” such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria.

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A Four Step Plan For When Life Sends You On A Detour

When 2013 dawned, we had one mega plan for Appropriate IT (AI). We had successfully tested our curriculum and established demand for a radically different type of corporate training in India. All that was left was to launch the first physical center for Appropriate IT Development Academy in Coimbatore, India by the end of 2013.

The last quarter of 2013 did indeed witness a launch.

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Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI) Heralds a New Era for Access to Information

2011 has been a great year for Kenya in the areas of access to information and open data.

First, in April 2011, Kenya Gazette Notices dating back to 1906 were digitized and made available online through a partnership between Kenya Law Review and Google Kenya.

Then, in July, Kenya partnered with Google Books to release 60 years of Kenya’s Hansard (the official report of parliamentary

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ICT for Banking & Micro Finance

ICT for Development Case Studies Series

IV. Banking & Micro Finance

Lessons from the Field – ICTs in Microfinance
PRODEM, for example, is using ICTs to verify the identity of its customers. It utilizes a combination of smart card technology combined with biometrics to allow fingerprint ID verification at all of its branches and ATMs. The use of fingerprint verification ensures that only the account

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ICT for Livelihood & Skills Training

ICT for Development Case Studies Series

III. Livelihood & Skills Training

Egypt: Youth Clubs for Tomorrow’s Leaders
Since 2001, the Egyptian government has undertaken a campaign to bring technology skills to the country’s youth. It has established more than 1,000 IT clubs offering a range of training opportunities for students. For isolated communities, the government has launched mobile IT clubs. Two container trucks with satellite

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ICT for Agriculture Extension Services

ICT for Development Case Studies Series

II. Agriculture Extension Services

Sustaining Women Farmers with the Help of ICTs in Ukraine
Given the critical importance of legal, market, and technical information to women farmers, a telecentre project titled ‘Sustaining Women Farmers in Ukraine’ has been started Information Service Centres are set up at various oblasts (regions) that cover the entire country. The Regional Council of Female

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ICT for Market Access and Pricing

ICT for Development Case Studies Series

I. Market Access and Pricing

From conception to replication
Today, using FrontlineSMS, their pilot project is distributing prices from five large buyers to about 150 farmers, village leaders and farmers groups by SMS in a classic “market transparency” intervention. And it’s working. Prices are going up for farmers, and the buyers are getting access to more quantity and better

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Digital Divide Revised

Courtesy of Paul Lamb’s Download Divide over at Cool and Conscientious Ning network, a link to an article lamenting how far South Africa and Africa have fallen behind on the digital frontiers, using Firefox download statistics as proof.

The United States generated the most downloads during the 24 hours with a total number in excess of 2.5 million. It was followed by Germany with 600

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Gender and Economic Empowerment: The Role of ICTs

As part of the Sustainability Development Network week from Feb 19-29, World Bank had an educational and inspiring seminar on how ICTs can play a role in the economic empowerment of women. Yeah, OK, I am probably biased because the event incorporates three of my favorite areas – ICT, women, economic empowerment. But it really was all that and more.

Lots of real-world examples

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Dialing for Development

A benefit-feasibility quadrant from the December 2007 working paper on “Going Wireless: Dialing for Development. How Mobile Devices are Transforming Economic Development at the Base of the Pyramid” by David Lehr, Acumen Fund.

Feasibility includes likely financial, technical, cultural, political and regulatory constraints.

The size or volume of bubble represents disruption possibilities within the sector.

The paper highlights mobile solutions from all over

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