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Watermelon Seeds with Expiration Dates

Farmer M is leasing one acre of land. He asked around to find a crop that had good potential revenue and decided to plant watermelon. It was a crop that was coming at the right time. With only 90 days from seed to harvest, if he planted in early March, he expected to see the first crop in the market by May/June 2016. This happens

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Innovative Solutions for the Food Security Crisis

Guest blog by Kaitlyn Stalnaker (2015 summer intern | LinkedIn Profile), student at the University of Maryland, College Park

For the past three months I have been scouring the internet in search of interesting ag tech news for my company’s Twitter. What I noticed along the way was a growing concern for food security. As so many articles point out, the human population is

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Summer Learning: Oh Goodness, What is ICT?

Guest blog by Kaitlyn Stalnaker (2015 summer intern | LinkedIn Profile), student at the University of Maryland, College Park

Have you ever faced a project that made you feel like you’re in over your head? I have. At the start of this year, I applied for an internship with Appropriate IT. This opportunity was seemingly perfect for me as it dealt with business development

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Short Video on Shakthi, our Youth Engagement SaaS Platform

Shakthi is a SaaS platform for private social network, lifelong learning, and social action in a fun and playful environment. It is ideal for youth engagement, learning communities, and knowledge networks.

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Summer Learning: Bottom-Up Approaches in Development

Guest blog by Maren Wenzel (2015 summer intern | LinkedIn Profile), student at John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies

This blog post is probably supposed to be about all the revelations of my summer internship. However, for me this summer was less about revelatory moments and more about seeing international development from a new angle. That may come across as underwhelming to

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Payment Banks to Bring DFS & Financial Inclusion to Rural Poor in India

* DFS = Digital Financial Services

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced an ‘in principle’ approval for 11 payment banks this week. And I, with my exalted seat on the sidelines, would like to shout with all the excitement I can muster “don’t stop, keep going.” It is hard to believe that I can be that excited about something that sounds so out of

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Finding Krishi Janani’s Social Value Proposition for Farmers

June was Krishi Janani’s “get out of the office” month. It was intense. We set out to meet as many individuals and institutions along the agriculture value chain as possible. As mentioned earlier, we are utilizing lean startup approaches to build Krishi Janani. Customer discovery and validation are THE opening steps of that approach. As Steve Blank outlines in his customer development model:


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Science, Technology, & Spirituality Must Unite for a Sustainable & Balanced Existence ~ Amma

[Note: Spirituality has always been one of Appropriate IT’s existential questions. Is there spirituality in technology or in running a profitable business? How can we search for this elusive goal? Why search even? There were many answers to be found in a recent keynote that Amma gave at a United Nations conference that I had the good fortune to be attending. – usha]

Excerpts from

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Theory of Unintended Consequences

Proponents of the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid point to shampoo sachets as an example of affordability. Exponential adoption of mobile phones is a boon, especially for ICT innovation projects. Drone transport can solve last mile delivery issues in inaccessible locations. Yet, buried in these innovations are unintended consequences that cause damage as well. Can you guess what those are?

This was part

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Future of the Internet is Outside the US

As a technology company (though on a different planet than the one occupied by the companies found in this report ;)), we are somewhat religious about Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report. A few thoughts on the 2014 version:

Fastest internet and smartphone growths are in “more difficult to monetize developing markets” such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria.

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