Development Academy

Appropriate IT Development Academy (AIDA) is a learning program developing today’s youth, particularly girls and young women, into highly skilled, employable, and socially engaged leaders of tomorrow. AIDA provides free Software Development Academies for underprivileged girls and young women, subsidizing it with high-quality, fee-based job skills training for business.

Learning Program

AIDA prepares youth, particularly girls and young women, to close the employability gap, become full participants in the global economy, and turn into active citizens in their own societies. AIDA offers employers of all sizes access to a suite of high-quality training options to prepare their hires for long-term success. AIDA, a for-profit social enterprise, is led by a team with significant experience in technology, youth-powered social change, and adult education.


  • AIDA’s trainings are a unique mix of intensive in-classroom sessions followed by technology-mediated ongoing learning on our custom-built Virtual Academy platform.
  • We provide learning and serving opportunities as twin engines that propel near-term benefits (better jobs) and long-term impact (social transformation).
  • Our curriculum emphasizes continued or lifelong learning, even after the ‘course’ is complete, to prepare for current and future jobs in a constantly changing world.

Trainings will include experiential learning through hands-on projects and service days to improve trainees’ communities through volunteerism. AIDA’s alumni and mentor networks will help graduates navigate the intricacies of professional life while serving as their support system for growth and advancement as leaders in their careers and communities.

What will the learning programs achieve?

Harness the potential of technology to have the greatest possible impact on communities

  • Underserved populations as not just beneficiaries and consumers of tech but as producers – ultimately serving more of the population’s needs. This creates a community asset with a ripple effect.
  • With its emphasis on active citizenship, personal character, and social consciousness, AIDA is designed to develop youth not just as model employees and managers, but as future drivers of positive social change

Help youth close the employability gap and become full participants in the global economy

  • Industry leaders are urgently calling for programs that combat skill and employability gaps among youth
  • The focus on technical skills alone or a mix of technical and job skills can, at best, create a cohort of young people who are primarily interested in securing higher incomes

Foster active citizenship to enable youth-powered social transformation

  • Trainings combine technical and job skills with life skills to foster active citizenship, which is at the center of all development, whether it is personal growth, professional advancement, or social change
  • Fostering active citizenship allows youth to take ownership of their lives and communities to solve persistent problems in society

What differentiates this learning program and makes it a critical effort in the current social context?

  • High-quality, accessible service offering for employers of all sizes
  • Innovative challenge- and project-based learning approach that encourages students to develop initiative, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Focus on real-life competencies and employability skills
  • Emphasis on students’ active participation and responsibility for their own achievement
  • Alumni network, job placement, mentoring, and success tracking services
  • Civic awareness, social commitment, personal character, and active citizenship as core values
  • Scalable, high-potential business model with a social mission