Innovation Lab

Appropriate IT’s Innovation Lab provides applied research and incubator services to pilot innovative solutions, explore emerging technologies, and establish collaborative ventures. Have an idea? Want to partner? Interested in exploring?
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Imagine cutting-edge technologies like drones, wearable computing, internet of things, big data, and embedded devices serving social sector and changemakers. Our global software development partners can implement emerging technologies with the highest potential for game-changing impact. However, technology only forms a part of the solution.

We have extensive experience implementing techonology solutions in different sectors and countries, particularly in resource-constrained environements. With that as the foundation, we design innovative programs that bring various stakeholders together to create and implement sustainable solutions.

The Lab releases any technology it develops to the open source community so that the entire sector can benefit from and build-upon the original.

Tech innovation to solve social challenges

  • Multi-national conglomerates spend millions of dollars in research and development (R&D) to identify new products and markets. For instance, big data and gamification technologies are used by large corporations to shape consumer behavior and promote product sales.
  • AI’s Innovation Lab aims to be the R&D lab for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international development agencies and multi-lateral agencies so that social sector could also utilize these same cutting-edge technologies to shape and promote social change.
  • As a mission-driven for-profit social enterprise, the Lab aspires not just to create innovative solutions but also to capture the value that technological advancements have to offer for underserved communities.

Scale Successful Social Change Tech Solutions

  • The Lab is equipped with the expertise and resources to explore emerging technologies, pilot innovative solutions, scale successful technologies, and establish collaborative ventures.
  • We assist NGOs to prototyping and/or licensing technologies for the purposes of benefitting from commercializing it (and therefore create a new revenue source) while also training their constituent groups in it (and thus teach a marketable skill).
  • We help scale successful solutions and assist in bringing them to market by finding collaboration partners and alternate funding sources.