Appropriate IT (AI) is a for-profit social enterprise that harnesses the power of information age to advance social justice, equitable access, and inclusive international development. We create game-changing technology interventions not just for, but also by, underserved populations. We do that with:

  1. Innovation Lab, an incubator for the social sector to create cutting-edge technologies for social change
  2. Development Academy, a learning program that spreads the ability to create technology to underprivileged youth, particularly women and girls

AI is an exciting but risky experiment. It has all the hallmarks of a Silicon Valley startup – cutting-edge technology, lots (and lots!) of hard work, launching products & solutions at rapid pace, and juggling many projects & tasks. However, there is no financial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We are not aspiring for a major buyout (no instagram in our future) or public listing (no facebook either). However, there is something more fulfilling than that pot of gold.

Imagine cutting-edge technologies like wearable computing, internet of things, big data, and embedded devices serving humanity. Our payout is in utilizing technology to improve lives in underprivileged communities around the world. And, we plan to do that in massive scale across many countries and regions. AI will be a purpose-driven and profitable tech company. And, you will have a hand in making that happen.


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